San Juan Sailing (sandalwood & cedar)

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This elegant and fragrant candle is meticulously blended, wicked, poured and finished by hand in Seattle, Washington. Exceptional craftmanship ensures hours of aromatic bliss with gentle scents of sandalwood and cedar. A pristine blend of the purest waxes - coconut wax and beeswax - provides a soothing ambiance with the glowing flame visible through crystal clear, flawless glass. Packaging in our signature blue and white box with a delightful bow is ideal for gifting, travel, and storage.

- Created with sustainably-sourced coconut wax and Washington state beeswax

- Free of non-sustainable paraffin (petroleum) and chemically-treated soy waxes

- 8 oz glass vessel (6.2 oz net fill weight)

- Candle glass and box are locally manufactured and recyclable (or can be repurposed)

- Candle burn time of approximately 45 hours

- Features a cotton wick, primed with beeswax, to promote long and clean burn intervals

- Free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens and dyes