Artisan Candles of the Pacific Northwest

Pure, Elegant & Fragrant Candles ~ Created for You

“I love PACIFISCENCE candles – the scents are so clean and they burn beautifully. Please don’t ever stop making these candles!” - Kirsten D., Seattle WA

“PACIFISCENCE candles are gorgeous and make the perfect gift for my friends and family. It’s like giving a little bit of love to remind them of the places and times we’ve shared together” - Jennifer V., Bothell WA

“I like to support small businesses and artists – in PACIFISCENCE I found the highest quality, amazing scents and the best customer service! I am thrilled to introduce others to these wonderful candles!” - Jill T., Boise ID

“I’d never cared much for candles but I received a PACIFISCENCE candle as a gift. I lit it when I started working from home and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The scent was pleasant but not overpowering or artificial and it lasted a long time. I now always have one lit in my office while working from home.” - Todd L. Edmonds WA